Ground Zero Training
HOBO DOJO is your source to become an Internet Ninja that makes their income online!

Bootcamp of Knowledge
No Gurus or BS Just Simple Internet Ninja Tactics
Everyone wants to promise that you will make a MILLION DOLLARS with their systems, hacks, tips and tricks. Even though we know it is all lies we fall for it time and time again wasting valuable time and money.

Here at HOBO DOJO we don't make open promises, we just deliver high quality step-by-step, actionable tactics to get you making money online FAST!

We make it as simple as possible, but that doesn't mean it's not hard work and won't take discipline, dedication and effort on your part.
Internet Ninja Training
Ninjas become Ninjas from hard work, discipline, dedication and training.

At HOBO DOJO we apply the same principal to making money online. Never made a penny online? Maybe you have but don't know how to make it replace your income? We walk you through step-by-step how to become an Internet Ninja who makes money online!

The only thing separating you from those of us that make a living online is tactics, training and step-by-step support our mentors gave us. That is why we are proud to introduce HOBO DOJO your source to become an Internet Ninja and start making your income online!

“The longer you're not taking action the more money you're losing”
-Carrie Wilkerson
Internet Ninja

What Does HOBO DOJO Offer?
Everything You Need to Become an Internet Ninja

We offer a TON of content! There are so many ways to make money online and replace your income. We found the most effective way is through Training Courses, Guides, Tutorials and Webinars.

Knowledge is worthless if not applied, that is why we provide you with the Resources and Tools you need to become an Internet Ninja, because every Ninja needs a Katana!

We all start at Ground Zero making $0 online, but HOBO DOJO is your Headquarters to train and become an Internet Ninja Online!
What To Expect From HOBO DOJO?
* Ninja Outfit and Weapons Not Included

Online Success
We teach you from the ground up how to make money online!

Self Paced
Become an Internet Ninja in your spare time on your own terms!

Video for Days
In-depth training videos that break everything down Step-By-Step!

Coaching Calls
Hours of audio from Internet Ninjas equipping you with Ninja Tactics

Fire Your Boss
Live life on your own terms and work from anywhere in the world!

Connect with fellow Ninjas
Who better to learn and network with than other Internet Ninjas!
Who's the Internet Ninjas You Will You Be Learning From?
He started as a Graphics and Website Designer and has leveled up into an SEO & PPC Sensei
Alex C. Barr
Age 25 & CEO at Bamboo Bot

Internet Ninja and Master Marketer, Alex gives mind-blowing insight into what it take to build a successful online empire and start making money!
Start Your Journey to Becoming an Internet Ninja Today!
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